Bright and cozy apartments in the premium “Grand Riverside” complex on the third floor

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Well-planned in a modern style apartment with full decoration. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The spacious living room is combined with the kitchen and dining room. A large and bright loggia with a view of the city.

About Complex:

As the Seine River flows smoothly in the heart of the Parisian capital, the Grand Riverside has beautiful views of the heart of Saigon’s prosperous center.
Located in front of Ben Van Don street, the Grand Riverside project places a beautiful European stamp that not all projects have.
Sophisticated, antique architecture is arranged on each aisle, hallway to every corner of the room, balconies flooded with flowers every morning.

With the location is a unique triangle island located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 is surrounded by three sides of water. The Ben Nghe Canal in the Northwest looks towards District 1, the Southern Channel is adjacent to District 7 and the Northeast is Saigon River, overlooking Thu Thiem New Urban Area – District 2.
Orientation of development to the South and to the sea of Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 will become part of the existing city center, prioritize the development of infrastructure, favoring trade in services. In particular, trade promotion as well as financial centers are planned along the Hoang Dieu – Nguyen Tat Thanh axis.
As a district connecting District 1 center and new urban areas in the southern districts of the city, District 4 plays an extremely important role in the road traffic, waterway.
In addition to the Ong Lanh, Calmette, Khanh Hoi and Nguyen Van Cu bridges, apart from the existing Ong Lanh, Calmette, Khanh Hoi and Nguyen Van Cu bridges, an additional bridge is expected to be built to enhance traffic accessibility.
According to the planning vision, the bridges of Thu Thiem 3, Nguyen Khoai Bridge, Long Kieng Bridge will be crossed by the Te Canal and Saigon River to connect the “fun banks” next to the Tan Thuan Bridge, Kenh Te Bridge Of the present.
Along the metro lines that radiate in all directions of HCMC dynamic, District 4 is also part of the metro line 4 (Thanh Xuan, District 12 – Nguyen Van Linh, District 7) with axis North-South road widens the road to 50m.
Not only economic development and transportation, District 4 in the future will also be a “green lung” of the city, bold culture of the South when many parks are renovated and planned side. The channels are green every day. The large parks such as Cu Lao Nguyen Kao is 2.7ha wide, Ho Khanh Hoi Park is 17.6ha wide, parks along Ben Nghe Canal, Kenh Te … will make District 4 more and more prosperous. Honest, sustainable, in harmony with a city is changing the meat every day.

Trade center
Community living room
High speed glass
Take the widget
Audio intercom
Security 24/24


278 Bến Vân Đồn, phường 2, Quận 4, Hồ Chí Minh, Вьетнам



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